All-in with Chrome OS

I've just graduated university, I think its time to replace my trusty, rusty netbook. I've been using windows 8 since the dev preview and while it runs serviceably, it definitely feels like I'm using a computer that was underpowered 4 years ago. One thing that has become rather clear is that windows is not going to become any less clunky any time soon. Windows 8 is a mess and while its fixed a few things and tried to cover the rest is a flat coat of metro, its definitely still windows. The only reason I still use windows is that my wifi chip doesn't have open source drivers so linux is a complete no go. Getting a new computer gives me the opportunity to find more flexible hardware, giving me a chance to ditch windows for less poisonous pastures.

I have noticed that while I have more than 100 apps on my galaxy nexus, the only app I've opened on my laptop in the last few months has been the browser. My music is all in google music, I use aviary rather than stealing photoshop, I use google docs and evernote. I don't play games that don't involve birds and pigs.

I was originally thinking of a windows 8 (or maybe ubuntu) desktop and a transformer prime/infinity for on the go, but with the release of Drive and the Aura update, I'm really thinking of jumping in with Chrome OS. It actually looks like it might be useful on a big-screened desktop computer. Chrome even has better multi-monitor support than W8. With decent hardware (the official chromebooks aren't for sale in canada, so I have to build my own anyway, might as well do it right), I don't see why web apps wouldn't run close to as well as desktop apps.

Has anyone here tried making a chromebox? Is it a good experience? Are you guys loving the Aura update? Hating it? Is there anything I should watch out for? Should I post a video about how much the setup rocks/sucks when its all finished? Is this a terrible idea?