Development group Team Hacksung has started work on a port of the Android 4.0-based CyanogenMod 9 ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Note. This is only an experimental build, so we don't recommend anyone but developers and experienced users give it a spin, but it marks an important first step on the way to a stable, useable ROM.

At present the known issues log for the ROM is still extensive, with media handling and speakerphone still an issue. A number of problems have already been fixed in the second build, but more bugs will likely be discovered as the ROM continues development. After the experimental builds, the port will enter the nightly phase, which will see a new build hit every night as the developers attempt various fixes to solve the ROMs issues. So long as you understand the risks involved, you can download the ROM from the source link below. If you'd rather wait for the finished product, it will take a few months to complete — your wait for an Android 4.0 experience (untainted by TouchWiz) will have to continue for a little while longer.