Wacom Pen and Touch in Windows 8

Shortly after Wacom came out with their cheapo $70 Bamboo Pen and Touch tablet, I decided to pick one up for home. I was already using an Intuos tablet, but brought that into work after the last one died a coffee filled death.

After a little bit of use, I found I liked the gestures in Windows 7, though it was a bit of a mixed metaphor. It's ostensibly a mouse driver, but supports features like pinch to zoom and rotation, even in Photoshop. The multitouch gestures work well enough, but I never 'committed' to them 100%.

That's okay though, since I've been using pen input on desktops since the Amiga days, and the Wacom has palm detection... well actually pen detection. If the pen is close enough to the tablet surface, it disables multitouch input. It's easy to navigate and switch between pen and touch merely by resting the stylus between the forefinger and middle finger when doing multitouch and flicking it into writing position when I want to work in Photoshop or just use the pen for some other reason. Even so, in Windows 7, I use a traditional mouse about 75% of the time.

With Windows 8, the tablet has found a new life. When in the Metro interface, two finger scrolling scrolls the UI left and right, but you get the mouse pointer display so you know which tile you're about to open. It's also much more natural than using a mouse to swipe over to the hot corners, and interact with Metro in general.

When in the classic desktop in Windows 8, it's more or less identical to Windows 7. I haven't done any custom configurations with it yet. In fact, when I installed Windows 8 on a separate partition, it just recognized the driver and installed during the initial setup. When on Windows 8, the only time I use the mouse is for gaming.

I'm just curious if anyone else has tried the Pen and Touch in Windows 8, and what their experiences were, and if they did any custom configurations using the Wacom utility app. like I said, I'm just running with the drivers that Windows 8 installed when it was first set up.