Twitter's "Discover" tab was a big part of the major redesign that the service undertook back in December, and now Twitter has made some changes to tailor it more to specific users. In addition to recommended users and trending topics, a major part of Discover are Stories, which are specific things happening on Twitter in real-time. Today Twitter has updated the algorithim that picks stories for you — it now takes into account tweets that are popular among the people you follow as well as the people those followers follow. You'll also be able to get some insight into why certain Stories are featured in your Discover tab; clicking on the new "view tweets" button will let you see popular tweets from your network relating to the story as well as the most recent related tweets. It's never been entirely clear why certain stories are shared in the Discover tab, so this should help shed some light on on where these stories come from. Twitter says these new features will be rolling out on the web and in its iOS and Android apps "over the coming weeks."