Huge Collection of iPad Retina Wallpapers

It is about time we had a huge collection of 3rd gen iPad ready wallpapers thread around here. Let's start this with over 300 retina wallpapers.

ipad retina wallpapers

Here we go:

CUBEN Collection By Simon Page – 13 Wallpapers

Michael Toye’s Collection – 53 Wallpapers

DuckFarm Collection – 10 Wallpapers

Orpheus1120's iPad iCloud Nametag Wallpapers

Orpheus1120 is also kind enough to take requests for customized versions of above wallpapers.

SkywalkerGraphics' Collection - 5 Wallpapers

FiftyFootShadows – 44 Wallpapers

Geeknaut Collection - 60 Wallpapers

InterfaceLift - Sorted by Most Popular (287 Wallpapers)

Can we add more below? :D