Dream Android device for 2012-13/Motorola's next phone??

I am something of a power user, and i have always preferred QWERTY keyboards to on screen ones. Before the trolls start pouring in, let me just add that i have tried Android, iOS and windows phone. My current phone is an iPhone 4s but i am in the market for a new android device. So my requirements from my next (dream) phone??

-Good battery life9 (better than the iPhone, which barely survives till 4PM on a regular work day)

-Slide out qwerty keyboard

-Atleast a 4 inch screen( Something i ended up craving after using the 3.5 inch iPhone screen)

-Good Screen ( i would sacrifice a few points in resolution though)

After doing my research Motorola is the king of both these categories for the moment, with the droid 4 Backlit keyboard and the RZR MAXX. Sadly they both dont come in the same device. And neither of them have an exemplary screen.

So a mix between the droid 4 and the RZR MAXX does seem pretty much perfect.

I find myself caring nothing for especially thin phones, i have large pockets and big hands. :P

Any phones come to mind?