You'd do well to head over to Japan if you fancy having a robot wash your hair and massage your scalp, as Panasonic is trialling its Head Care Robot at the Super Hair Seo salon in Nishinomiya (near Osaka) from now through June 10th. The robot uses 24 mechanical fingers and a series of nozzles and water jets to give its users a "relaxing" massage and a clean head of hair. There are probably a few things going through your head at the moment — not the least of which is that no two heads are the same. We're told that there's no need to worry about that, however, as the robot gently feels out your head when you first sit down to figure out how it'll wash your hair. The robot is one of a trio of machines designed to improve quality of life, and the two-month trial of the Head Care Robot is in preparation for Panasonic to start offering it to homes that care for the elderly and disabled.