The Associated Press has the first word on pricing for Samsung's 55-inch OLED HDTV and it's going to be a steep hill for most of us to climb: $9,000. A Samsung spokesperson has informed the news agency that the company's Super OLED TV will cost "over 10 million won," which roughly converts to the $9,000 mark, when it launches in its home market of South Korea later this year. The release window of the second half of 2012 for Korea was already announced alongside the launch of this newfangled TV at CES 2012, so developments behind the scenes seem to be keeping to the established roadmap.

Still, Samsung must be disappointed not to have been able to match its most direct competitor, LG, whose similar 55-inch OLED TV is expected to retail at around $8,000 and launch some time very soon indeed. The AP cites the head of Samsung's TV division as forecasting it will take at least two to three years until these HDTV-sized OLED displays break into the mainstream, both in terms of adoption and pricing.