The Windows Store for Windows 8 might have a small amount of apps right now, but Microsoft is tempting developers with an early chance to get applications into the store ready for launch. Although developers are free to create applications using Microsoft's dev tools, the Windows Store is not open for everyone to submit and deploy applications to. Developers require a special token to publish applications in the Windows Store at the moment.

Microsoft's Matt Harrington is reaching out to developers "who want to get to market first and build their brand." Harrington is offering to help developers get applications into the store through the company's Application Accelerator Labs program and receive feedback from a Microsoft Services Engineer to ensure the app is "great." Microsoft isn't saying when it will open up the Windows Store fully, but the company is planning to launch a Windows 8 Release Preview version of the operating system in the first week of June and we'd expect to see some more apps in time for that particular milestone.