Query: Existence of a Hybrid Desktop/All-In-One PC

Imagine a 24" touch enabled screen integrated with optical drive, ports etc and everything you need for a desktop PC: in essence, it's an All-In-One device.

Now lay the screen 90 degrees so that it is lying flat on your desk.

Does anyone know whether this kind of form factor is in existence or is being developed?

With the introduction of Windows 8 looming and it's emphasis on touch, it's obvious Microsoft is pushing OEM's to produce touch enabled monitors. But the problem with vertical facing screens are that they are not ergonomically suitable for medium to long term touch usage. try it, and you'll find your arms aching.

With a near horizontal facing screen, touch input is perfect. As this is not a tablet, but a fully equipped PC, it would allow the user to expand the functionality of this device, for example use of a hardware keyboard or stylus.

Does anyone else think such a form factor is viable?