It's not even been two months since started exclusively selling the Harry Potter series in ebook form, but there's already a new way for Kindle users to get their Harry Potter fix. As June 19th, all seven books will be available to read in the Kindle lending library, which offers Amazon Prime subscribers one free book download to their Kindle device every month. It's worth noting that the service is still only available for Kindle owners — books you borrow aren't readable through the iOS or Android Kindle apps, for example. Still, it's a nice added value for Amazon Prime subscribers — Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos notes that "borrowing the Harry Potter books, plus a handful of additional titles, can alone be worth more than the $79 cost of Prime or a Kindle." That was still the case before, the Harry Potter series is obviously one of the most high-profile set of books out there, and now Kindle owners who subscribe to Amazon Prime can get their hands on them without having to deal with's slightly confusing purchase process.