Windows 8 Cp Usability

Hi guys,

i'm finally back from my trip and immediately installed the CP of Win8 on my desktop. I like it but i have some trouble with specific actions/functions and i'd like to know from you guys if you can give me some advice how to work around it:

  1. No GPU driver. I own a Radeon HD 4780(?) (4xxx) which is not supported with the latest AMD Graphic Drivers for Win8 and the Win7 Driver doesnt work for me. So i'm here without overscan and not very good graphics :-/
  2. Lets say i have a folder full of videos, made with my camcorder. I want to click on them, open them up in the Video-App and click on different ones all the time to open them up. So i need to see the files right next to the video. Not possible? Video in sidebar-mode is way to small, explorer with the files is only visible in desktop mode which shows me nothing in sidebar mode and to top that, the video-app always shows "can't play video file" (or something similar, its german) even though it plays it, but i have to close this message all the time...
  3. If someone writes me a message on facebook, i see it in the message-app which i have in sidebar-mode next to my desktop. Am i stupid or is it not possible to copy some text out of the message app?!
  4. Will the message app get support for Skype, ICQ and more? If not, will there be an App for those so i can run them in sidebar mode?
  5. I dont understand the Mail-App. I don't see a single use for it (except for tablets) as it has no functionality what so ever (compared to outlook, thunderbird, ect).
  6. Speaking of outlook. Is there any way to sync outlook accounts via skydrive (i know, it has nothing to do with win8) so i dont have to reenter all my accounts again and again?
  7. The weather app isn't really accurate. I have no idea how its tracking my PCs location but it's wrong.
  8. If i have the desktop-"app" in a smaller mode (next to a sidebar-app (e.g. message app)) and make it big again (no sidebar), the chrome browser has no tabs anymore. I have to mini- and maximize the window to get them back
  9. Desktop in sidebar mode in general... why is it displaying windows of the desktop programs?! It should show the current program which is on top, e.g. a folder, and display its content useable. As there is no other way to display desktop content next to apps (to use them together), i don't get why the desktop app is completely useless in sidebar-mode.
i could go on but those bothered me the most in everyday usage of only one week. Will this stuff be fixed or is it possible now and i just don't see it?
Thanks for your tipps Sumit