We're well into 2012, and the mythical Apple TV remains nothing more than a rumor — but Foxconn's CEO Terry Gou might have tipped Apple's hand at a Shanghai news conference to discuss Foxconn's new headquarters. China Daily is reporting that Gou said Foxconn is "making preparations for iTV," though development or manufacturing has yet to begin. As China Daily didn't offer a direct quote from Gou, we're guessing he might have meant that his company is ramping up to be ready if Apple wants to build a TV — not that it's a sure thing Foxconn will be building an Apple TV. It certainly would be a strange move for Gou to purposefully leak details on such a major new product to the press — given the amount of business Apple does with Foxconn, we're sure Gou doesn't want to damage that relationship.

Update: Foxconn: reports that CEO Terry Gou confirmed the Apple iTV are 'not accurate' (update)