Hot on the heels of Spotify's new iPad and Android apps, the company has rolled out an update to its Mac, Windows, and Linux desktop app that adds some minor but nevertheless significant features. The new app includes "Instant Search" just like Spotify's iPad app, which means that when you type something into the search bar, answers appear immediately and across all categories like Playlists, Artists, and Tracks.

Additionally, the app lets you right-click a track to instantly generate "Spotify Play" embed codes for pasting a music player on your website or blog. This feature launched a month ago, but only via Spotify's developer website. Spotify partnered with Tumblr on Play, so it only makes sense that "Share to Tumblr" is now present right next to Facebook and Twitter inside the app's Share menu. It's also now simpler to share Spotify URLs because the app creates short URLs for you from the right-click menu. Lastly, the update adds Playlist and Album Radio, a Pandora-like feature which lets you listen to music that sounds like the stuff you've selected in a playlist or album. This feature was previously only available as "Artist Radio" on band pages.

You can restart your Spotify app to install the update, but if it hasn't rolled out to you yet, you can download it directly from Spotify's website.