Zenbook prime or MBA 13

Well i am looking to get a 'second' laptop, I want it to be fast, portable and a competent performer. So far sitting on the sidelines, I have narrowed it down to the MBA 13 and the Asus Zenbook prime, both of which should get the latest Intel guts soon.

The Zenbook will have a 1080p IPS display and kepler graphics card on board but I also expect the MBA to be updated with the better display and maybe even a dedicated graphics card(??). I do like the look and design of MBA more than the Zenbook.

I am utterly confused and cant seem to make my mind up before these beauties available.

Also to be noted I have a 15 inch with Win 7 on it for my usage and will continue to keep it but I also have the iphone and the ipad and I love them all :D


PS: Cross posting from Apple Core for some responses on the PC side :D