iPad and Mission Control?

Some people like the iOS multitasking tray; some people don't. It's just a matter of opinion. For those of us who feel like the multitasking experience is lacking, I thought that this could be a useful alternative. What if a five finger pinch, which currently brings you to the home screen, took you to an Expose/Mission Control interface with a thumbnail of each app and the app's icon. Then, a four/five finger swipe down, along with an animation that drags the apps down along with your fingers, could close the app and take you back to the home screen. Also, with no more app drawer, a four/five finger swipe up while at the home screen could open the last opened app.

Does anyone else think that this change could make the multitasking experience on the iPad more enjoyable and productive? Obviously, there would have to be a limit on the number of apps shown. No more unlimited app drawer, but I think that this would still greatly improve the feature. Leave your comments, suggestions, and alternative ideas.