Smartphone dock alarm clocks are dime a dozen, but a new Kickstarter project offers a unique toaster-style design that springs your iPhone upward when it's time to start your day. It's called the Day Maker and it can house up to two iPhones at once, charging both simultaneously. When a mounted device's alarm goes off, it pops up and plays the audio from the dock's integrated stereo speaker. If you crave some extra sleep, just push the iPhone back down and the Day Maker will set the alarm to snooze.

The design is also being applied to a single iPhone variation, appropriately dubbed the Single Slice. It offers the same functionality as the Day Maker, but lacks the integrated speaker and clock. Both versions are compatible with the iOS clock app, but a companion app that offers expanded alarm customization is also in the works. The project's creators are seeking $275,000 in funding with plans to begin shipping the Day Maker and Single Slice in February 2013.