Finding the Ideal To-Do App/Service

I just recently obtained a Galaxy Nexus as a new phone. Now that I have a very capable devices that I can keep in my pocket, I finally decided to bring my productivity to the next level. The thing is, though, I am pretty picky with what I need out of a To-Do application or service, so I'm having trouble looking for the perfect combination for me. I was hoping somebody here might know of a solution that specifically suits my needs. Here are the things that I am looking for:

- I am not a hardcore To-Do person, so whether or not the app supports paradigms like GTD is a non-issue for me
- Recurring Tasks (very important to me)
- Subtasks (also important, but not as much as Recurring Tasks)
- Notes (this one is optional, but I would appreciate having this feature)
- Widget support in Android (also optional, but would be very useful if available)

- Can be used Offline (this one is crucial to me since the Internet is not always available)
- Has a native client for Android (preferably using the Holo Design Language)
- Has a native client for OS X (a web client is fine as long as it's usable Offline)
- Can sync across devices via the web

- Preferably Free (but I'm willing to buy the app if it's asking for a reasonable price)
- Subscription fees are NOT an option for me at this time. Maybe in the future, but not now

The closest one I could find was Astrid, which can sync with Google Tasks, but I haven't found an offline desktop solution for Google Tasks just yet. Another one is Springpad because it has an offline web client mode, but it seems to focus more on notes and ideas than it is on tasks.

Hopefully the features I requested aren't too harsh, and that the price isn't too demanding. Anyway, I am hoping to hear of an ideal solution soon!