Captain Forever isn't a new title — it's been out since 2009 — but there's something immensely satisfying about the 2D space shooter that makes it feel as fresh as ever. After starting out with a small pilot's capsule and a vague message about some nearby explosion, an information buoy comes to your rescue with some spaceship parts that you can click and drag to attach to your vessel. From there on out it's a spaceship-eat-spaceship world, and you can blow up the pilot capsules of larger ships to pilfer their parts and add them to your own. As your hostility towards others escalates, increasingly powerful units enter the fray — until the deadly "Peacekeepers" arrive to ruin your party. Captain Forever isn't terribly complex, but the mechanics are accessible and downright fun — and it's quite a challenge to evade some of the game's more powerful foes. You can play it right now in the browser for free over at Captain Forever's own website.