Apple may be trying to change the definition of 4G, but for now it's changed the name of the iPad with mobile network capabilities in select markets, presumably in response to international criticism over the label. Apple now lists the new iPad with 4G capabilities as the "Wi-Fi + Cellular" version for consumers in some countries, as opposed to the previously listed "Wi-Fi + 4G" edition. The change shows up on in the US, UK, and Australia, but many markets (like Germany, Italy, Poland, France, and Spain) still show the 4G label. Apple's site also now explicitly mentions that the iPad "is not compatible with current Australian 4G LTE networks and WiMAX networks." We're not sure if this marks a complete capitulation on behalf of Apple, but considering that the company has only removed the label from some markets, it's likely that the battle over the definition of 4G will continue on.