iOS 6: Dynamic App icons would solve a lot of issues

Now that we are 1 month away from WWDC, and it is 100% clear that iOS 6 is making its debut (the evidence that surfaced on Mac rumors is very compelling), All of these requested features lists are starting to pop up.

Most of these lists are very unimaginative, and one feature that I constantly see left off of the list is "dynamic app icons" (think the calendar icon...but better, and with an API for developers).

A good implementation of dynamic app icons would solve so many issues:

  1. They are basically widgets (provide glance-able information)
  2. They would freshen up the springboard as they could provide motion, changes, etc.
  3. Perhaps dynamic app icons could open up, like folders, and reveal "quick access/reply" for some apps, like SMS messages, Facebook, etc. without having to launch the app.
In fact, this is my #1 most wanted feature in iOS 6, and it should be included in more feature request lists.