The relationship between piracy and availability

Living in one of the top piracy country in the world makes me think there's a big link between piracy and availability. Although we don't have publicly available statistics like in USA, I've seen my pirate friends going twice to movie theaters to see Avengers. Getting a pirate of the caliber of my friends is a huge accomplishment.

Avengers and Battleship are the first movies (that I know) being launch worldwide a week before being available in USA. Avengers is close to 1 billion dollars in worldwide sell and may be top selling movie worldwide in 2012 , we have yet to see how Battleship does.

On the TV side we all know about Games of Thrones availability issues. And Forbes already published that Games of Thrones is in route to be the most pirated TV show of 2012.

Do you feel there's a link of piracy and availability, and do you have any statistics?