If you're tired of waiting for the official Samsung Car Dock for the Galaxy Nexus...

Wallee made an great magnetic mounting case for the iPad, and now they are making one for the iPhone and the Galaxy Nexus as well. I've backed them for the car dock, because I'm in the UK and every time the car dock gets to it's supposed release date it gets pushed back, plus it's expensive. Wallee are making a case, disc and car dock bundle for $70, which includes shipping, so it's also cheaper than the Samsung dock plus you get more.

If you want one of these, look them up here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2128511339/wallee-m-modular-magnetic-phone-mounting-system

and give them some cash because I want them to succeed and ship me a car dock already!

I'm not advertising for these guys in any way, I just thought if other people were also waiting for a car dock for their Galaxy Nexus's like I am this might be of interest. It looks cool and seems to work. Carmount_medium

via i1163.photobucket.com


via i1163.photobucket.com