The concept of a dedicated, physical Instagram-branded camera seems to be picking up steam. Whereas our Instagram Snap followed a retro Polaroid approach, ADR Studios has taken a different tack: it's rendered a real-world incarnation of Instagram's app icon.

All of the key ingredients are there, starting with a build that mixes beige with a faux-wood upper half and even incorporates those signature colored stripes that stir up recollections of vintage cameras. In fact, the level of unabashed copyright infringement happening here gives us pause in recommending that anyone contribute to its development. That said, the studio's mockup executes on the premise almost perfectly. They even stay true to Instagram's social side, with each printed shot featuring a QR code that would quickly let users follow one another on the photo sharing network. If Facebook can't wrangle profitability from its massive acquisition, at least they've got a good model for entering the retail segment.