Fujitsu is developing a smart dog collar and cloud-based monitoring service that will let you keep closer tabs on your animal's health. The lightweight collar can be worn 24 hours a day, collecting information on how many steps your connected dog is taking, how much he's shivering, and the ambient temperature. You can transfer the information logged on the collar onto your Android phone or computer with FeliCa (NFC), and then upload it to the cloud. The online component allows you to visualize your dog's data and track changes over time, hopefully tipping you off to any variation in your animal’s behavior.

Unlike Qualcomm’s Snaptracs, Fujitsu’s system currently doesn’t have any GPS features, but the two are complimentary — one for checking where your dog is, and one to see how he's been. Also, strapping your dog up with a complete array of sensors is sure to make him the envy of the park. The new tech isn't ready for commercial release just yet, but Fujitsu will be showing it off at the Fujitsu Forum this Thursday and Friday in Tokyo.