Senate Judiciary Committee to Examine Windows RT Browser Allegations

via WinSupersite.

Apparently the US Senate Judiciary Committee thinks it's a good idea to investigate allegations that Microsoft is unfairly limiting its web browser competitors in Windows RT.

I can't see the point of this at all.

If Windows RT is in the same relevant market as Windows 8 then the iPad and Android tablets would need to be included in the market as well. Maybe even the iPhone and Android phones. At which point Windows is no longer a monopoly.

If Windows RT is not in the same relevant market as Windows 8 then it has an effective market share of 0% and is certainly not a monopoly.

So if Windows RT can't be seen to have a monopoly, why waste time investigating?

Investigating Microsoft for limiting web browser competitors on Windows RT is like investigating Skoda for being incompatible with Ford spare parts or investigating Sony for not letting a 3rd party replace the PS Vita home screen