WWDC 2012 is only a few weeks away, and as such, all manner of Apple software rumors are starting to make the rounds. Today, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that iCloud will gain some new features, most notably a way to share galleries of photos with other iCloud users. These photos would be open to comments by other iCloud users you share with and would be separate sets outside of a user's standard Photo Stream, which currently stores the last 1,000 photos you've shot with your iOS device or added via your computer. The WSJ's source also corroborated a rumor from last week that the web interface for iCloud would sync reminders and notes from iOS.

The inclusion of notes and reminders in iCloud is a no-brainer, but the revamped photo sharing features would mark a bit of a change of pace for Apple. MobileMe, Apple's cloud solution prior to iCloud, is being shut down in a few weeks — and with it goes the Gallery feature, which let users upload, manage, and share photo galleries. Even if it's real, it remains to be seen if this new photo-sharing feature will be more or less robust than the MobileMe solution it would replace. Still, it seems Apple might have realized that users want a bit more flexibility and sharing with their photo service than iCloud currently offers.