Twitter has announced a new service that's based in your email inbox — not its website or mobile apps. The social network is introducing a new weekly email digest that should help make sure you don't miss any popular tweets or stories from those that you follow. The digests offer both the "most engaging" tweets from the past week from those you follow (or those they follow) as well as the top stories from the week. The latter is pulled from the newly-refreshed "Discover" tab, which now recommends stories. If the whole idea of a email digest featuring the "best of" your social networks sounds famliar, that's because it is — Summify offered a similar service not long ago before it was snapped up by Twitter, so we wouldn't be surprised if the company was using some of Summify's tech for the new feature. If you don't mind the idea of seeing stale tweets in your inbox, look for the new option to roll out over "the next few weeks."