For a long time, finding proper support for a number of video codecs in Mac OS X was not the simplest exercise. Perian, an open-source video plug-in, filled that void when it launched in September of 2006, but now Christopher Forsythe (pictured above) and the rest of the team behind it is getting ready to move on to other projects. The Perian web site released a note today that a final version was coming soon, with support for the plug-in ending 90 days after release. The team then plans on putting the code on Github or Google Code for others to continued tweaking and development.

There's no details yet on what the last version of Perian will bring to the table other than "all the fixes" the team has worked on since the last release. Unfortunately, there is a potential downside for those looking to upgrade to OS X Mountain Lion this summer: the Perian team can't guarantee compatibility with 10.8. There's no word on what's next for those behind Perian, but it seems they feel they've accomplished everything they set out to do when Perian was released six years ago. They even have some advice for if and when Perian stops working — just check out VLC or M Player OS X.