Apple's updated MacBook Pro rumored to arrive this summer will feature Nvidia graphics alongside Intel's Ivy Bridge processors, a switch from the AMD GPUs in the current models. The news comes to us directly from a trusted source, and it's further corroborated by Joanna Stern at ABC News, whose sources also tell her that the new machines will indeed feature high resolution Retina Displays.

While we can't yet confirm what specific Nvidia chip Apple will use, a 9to5 Mac report from earlier today located references to the GeForce GT 650M, a 28nm chip built on the "Kepler" architecture that should offer similar power and performance efficiency to the well-regarded 28nm GeForce GT 640M. We recently tested the GT 640M in the Acer Aspire Timeline Ultra M3-581TG and found it to be a very capable chip, although it did run a bit hot when playing games.

We've been hearing rumors about updated MacBook Pros built in the MacBook Air vein for months now; the chassis is said to be thinner and lighter, in part due to the removal of the optical drive, while 9to5 Mac's report from this morning also claims the machines will have USB 3.0. We'll be tracking these rumors closely in the coming weeks; we'll let you know as more of the pieces fall into place.