If Groupon has got one thing going for it over its competitors like Livingsocial, Google Offers, and AmazonLocal, it's that it's winning the mindshare battle. CBS has just ordered a comedy called "Friend Me" centered around the daily deal website. The unfortunately-titled show stars Christopher Mintz-Plasse (of Superbad fame) and Nicholas Braun, two "twentysomething friends" who leave their homes in Bloomington, Indiana and head off to LA to start their exciting new careers at Groupon. The keen-eyed reader will note that Groupon is a Chicago-based company, but we suppose the Windy City didn't provide as much of a comedic backdrop as sunny LA. We haven't heard too much on what the plot's going to be like, but apparently one of the friends will attempt to drag his introverted, online-poker obsessed buddy out with him for nights on the town. The show is set for the 2012 to 2013 season, but all we want to know is why the creators opted to go with the Groupon name instead of a made up one — the company says it has nothing to do with the comedy.