RIM held back many of the details around BlackBerry 10 during BlackBerry World earlier this month — one of the most important of which was a very basic one: how do you launch apps? At a UK press event earlier today, RIM's Vivek Bhardwaj finally dropped that small detail. As we saw in our closer look at BlackBerry 10, the default homescreen is a set of "tiles" that represent a widget-like view of your recently used apps while you can swipe to the left to view the messaging app. As it turns out, swiping to the right reveals a fairly standard list of app icons arrayed in a grid. Compared to the clever keyboard, the camera, or the omnipresent ability to swipe into the messaging app, the app tray isn't exactly the most whiz-bang feature — but we suppose "flow" and Cascades will only get you so far.

Update: willwnet posted the above image in our comments, apparently from the original BlackBerry Jam earlier this month. It shows a more nuanced icon view that the apparent placeholder image below. Thanks!