HELP! Fuji X100 vs. Sony NEX-5N

I've been set on the NEX-5N ever since it was announced.

Back then I knew absolutely nothing about photography, yet the field did not seem too imposing and I figured it would be pretty easy to catch on and instantly become an expert photographer. Now after what feels like eons pouring over my computer over not just which camera or which lenses, but every aspect of photography in general, I feel more lost than ever before.

I wrote off the Fuji after reading the entire dpreview...conclusion (haha, I don't think I've ever actually read through an entire review from that site) due to the countless quirks and annoyances that seemed to degrade the overall experience of using the camera. However, I recently looked up the X100 to see how it was holding up, and it seems that it's actually doing quite well. Auto-focusing woes seem to be no more and it looks like the camera is more fun (that's the key word) than ever before.

So now that I've looked at every single review of both cameras, from Steve Huff to DP Review, to Digital Rev TV; which camera do you think I should get? NEX-5N with EVF and Voightlander 35 f/2.5 Color-Skopar, or the Fuji X100? It would help if you could comment on the usefulness of each viewfinder, a comparison of the lenses (as in Color-Skopar vs. Fujinon 23 f/2 asph), and how enjoyable they both are in everyday use. I plan on mostly shooting photos, though videos are definitely a plus. I would describe my style of shooting closer to street photography than anything else, though not quite.

Thanks in advance!

Also one more thing, just curious:
Which do you prefer? Technically excellent photos bursting with brilliance, or less than perfect photos with so much emotion that they could make you laugh/cry on the spot?