Sparrow has just rolled out version 1.6 of its email app for Mac, which adds support for POP email accounts and unified sent, starred, drafts, and trash folders, along with some other nice tweaks. It's been a long five months since the 1.5 update, but the Sparrow team has been quite busy building an iPhone app and getting it up to speed. The update is currently rolling out to all users who've purchased the app straight from Sparrow, as well as users who purchased it from the Mac App Store.

There are also plenty of bug fixes abound inside 1.6, including modified behaviors for choosing which contact picture to show next to each email. In 1.6, any pictures you have attached to contacts in your Address Book supersede pictures Sparrow pulls from Facebook. Lastly, you might notice that email chime notifications have been updated to match Sparrow for iPhone's sound notifications.

Here's the full change log of new features:

  • POP support
  • Unified inbox, starred, sent, drafts, trash
  • Esc on Quick Reply saves a message as a draft
  • Empty spam button
  • Inbox Zero message when your inbox is clean
  • Composer: "sender" field no accessible with Tab key
  • Pull-to-refresh for starred, unread, priority messages
  • Shift-Command-Option-M toggles extended sidebar
  • App startup time improvement
  • Bug fixes

Update: Sparrow has confirmed to us that 1.6 is now live for all users. When 1.6 launched directly from Sparrow on May 15th, that version was only available to users who had purchased the app directly from the company, while the Mac App Store version has taken a couple more days to for Apple to review.