LaCie has updated its network attached storage unit today with the 2big NAS, a mild refresh that bumps up the maximum throughput speed by 40MB/s to a total of 100MB/s thanks to a new 2GHz ARM processor and an "improved file system." Those extra speeds will let you do the typical NAS stuff like remote file management and access over the web, as well as the ability to use the 2big as a torrent box to download and seed files without the need for a connected computer. Other changes over the previous model, the 2big Network 2, include a 90 percent power drain drop in deep sleep mode. Like that model, it supports RAID 0 and 1 for either maximum speed or maximum security, and has Ethernet, eSATA, and USB 2.0 ports (no Thunderbolt, unfortunately). It also runs LaCie's NAS OS 2, which supports the MyNAS app for iOS that'll let you check out your files from your phone. If you're interested, the 2big NAS is available now with a bring-your-own storage model ringing up at $299, though it will be sold with up to 6TB of built-in space for $649 if you'd rather go that route — hey, no one said good looks come cheap.