Google's been working hard lately at adding tab syncing to Chrome — first, the Chrome beta for Android synced tabs between an Android 4.0 handset and a computer browser, then a recent beta of Chrome for the desktop offered the option to sync tabs between multiple computers. Now, Chrome 19 has been officially released as a "stable" version, and with it will come the option to sync their open tabs across multiple computers as well as an Android 4.0 phone with the Chrome beta app installed. Just as Google cautioned when tab syncing arrived in the Chrome beta desktop version, the tab-syncing feature will roll out "more gradually in the coming weeks" — so if you're not able to sync your tabs yet, you may just have to be patient.

To check and see if you have tab syncing, just open a new tab and look along the bottom — there's a new option for "other devices," which pulls up all the tabs you have across different browser windows on any other device that you're signed in to. It's working seamlessly on our end, and should prove to be a much-utilized feature for anyone using multiple computers.