Comcast has responded to allegations that it privileges content for its Xfinity app for the Xbox 360 over competitors like Netflix, claiming that it does not prioritize its own content and that it is in compliance with the FCC's open internet principles. Comcast says that the Xbox 360 "essentially acts as an additional cable box for your existing cable service," and that it sends the content on a managed network that's separate from its traditional cable delivery service. The ISP says that it provides "separate, additional bandwidth flow into the home for the use of this service — above and beyond, and distinct from, the bandwidth a customer has for his or her regular internet access service." Comcast stresses that "in contrast to some other providers, we are not prioritizing our transmission of Xfinity TV content to the Xbox." This isn't likely to be the last word on Comcast's network management practices, so stay tuned: we'll be tracking this story closely as it develops.