The Atlantic has published an excellent article that looks at a shift the movie industry has experienced over the past decade: the decision to shoot in digital over traditional film. The report is inspired by an upcoming documentary called Side by Side that tackles the same subject, and overall it looks that, much like at home, digital is winning because of its convenience. As picture quality has increased with products like the RED Epic and Canon's latest 4K cinema cameras, more and more filmmakers are switching to the medium, which offers lower costs and more shooting opportunities thanks to relatively small form factor and ease of use.

Of course, film's proponents argue that old-fashioned cellulose wins when it comes to outright quality (and when price isn't an object). Be sure to check the source link for details on the full battle, which is going head-to-head this summer with The Avengers (shot on digital) and The Dark Knight Rises (shot on film). What's the next decision for the movie industry? Whether or not it should be beholden to the age-old standard of 24fps — something Peter Jackson has already moved on from in his upcoming The Hobbit films.