Evernote’s 4.0 update for Android is a major revamp of the popular note-taking app, and pretty much everything has been redesigned, from the look, to the app's behavior, to its functionality. Firstly, the home screen has been completely redesigned, with large square icons for New note, Snapshot, Audio, and Attach taking up nearly half of the display area. Swiping to the left from here brings you straight to the note list, which has also been redesigned, moving the photos to the right and text to the left, and reducing a lot of the visual noise from the last version.

Also, with Evernote 4.0 your personal and shared notebooks are now grouped together in the same view, and when viewing an individual note the UI chrome disappears. Swiping to the right or tapping on the elephant at any point will bring you back to the home screen. Also, new Action Bars give you a contextual menu at the bottom of the current screen. For example, if you’re viewing a note, the Action Bar will give you options for sharing and tagging. Similarly, in the note list you’ll get options like creating new notes or changing the sort order. Evernote 4.0 is available now from the Google Play store.