Flipboard is moving beyond text by adding new audio features that will include audio content from NPR, Public Radio International, The New Yorker, Slate, and SoundCloud. The audio will work in the background and it will also be searchable — so finding This American Life should be a snap. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem as though users will be able to listen to any podcast they choose, but Flipboard told TechCrunch it means to "do more with audio" and could potentially integrate music services into the app at some point in the future. The company also suggested that it might someday ramp up video features, but in the meantime it has integrated Apple's VoiceOver controls for the visually impaired. Finally, along with the new features, users in Japan will be able to get a localized version of FlipBoard.

The update should be available to iOS users within the next few hours. As for the official (non-leaked, non-Galaxy S III) Android release? It's still on track for this summer.