Differences in Design

Hai there, so I was just thinking, in general, we're all aware of a shift in product aesthetics in the recent past, yes?

Mostly pioneered by Apple, and then replicated/adapted/however-you-want-to-phrase-it by manufacturers/OEMs etc.

The general theme of design? Sleek, minimalist, smooth (at least for the macbooks/laptops) (somewhat like a lamborghini..?) Screens tend to be glass/glossy, metal tends to be brushed, edges have to be rounded, borders/transitions must be crisp/precise etc.
[I'm not saying that Apple "pioneered" these characteristics, but it appears to me to be the company that started using it ever so consistently as part of it's design language.]

I look at any apple offering nowadays, and something that jumps out at me is rounded corners. Rounded corners, rounded edges. iphone? rounded rectangle. Folders/icons in iOS? rounded corners. MBA/MBPs? the rounding of the edge as you get to the edge of the exterior. The Magic Mouse (is that what it's called? That's what the place I worked at called it) that's basically a curved.. surface.blob. Cinema display? Rounded corners, rounded aluminium base etc. (no, this is not just about rounded corners, though it is something that's a key component of "minimalist" design today)

All in all, the shift (as precipitated by apple, imo) in design is towards products that are visually appealing, or even "captivating", if I may be so bold. But on the ergonomics/functionality side of things, are these designs less than desirable?

a thinking point perhaps: the world we live in, natural and the built-environment, isn't clean and slick. Pretty much everything exists due to a priority of function over form. Apple is doing a great job of simplifying the form that things exist in, but sometimes it seems to me that function is becoming lost in the process. (I don't know if it makes sense, but if Apple were given the task to redesign a plant, I think they'd just come up with a single giant leaf, instead of the many leaves and many branches that exist on a plant today.)

I've always been a Thinkpad fan. Many I know reckon the Thinkpad to be ugly/outdated etc, but hey, many don't think so either. In a comparison between a Thinkpad and MBP, I'd have the Thinkpad for sure. On aesthetics, too! It's kinda like comparing a Jeep to a Lamborghini, a Hind/Cobra/Huey to a Comanche/Apache, Windows Classic to Windows Aero (oops.)

Am I the only one who doesn't enjoy the recent growth in minimalist design?