iTV - Think Different

I'm going to take a wild guess here. iTV isn't going to be what most people think it will. Most tend to think it will be something in the 40 inch flat panel category with an Apple TV integrated in. Let's guess again.

I think iTV is going to be a pair of augmented reality glasses that tap into the iphone/ipod touch for visual content, TV over IP services and 3D movies. This allows Apple to slowly move into a new category of device without the need for it to be incredibly advanced for AR use... yet. Eventually these devices will replace iphones/ipods completely and even desktop screens and TV sets.

It's a market that is going to get very hot in the next 5-10 years as the technology becomes feasible and reliable. Who better than Apple to simplify it and make it "just work." Allowing you to watch movies and TV shows on a nice big screen on-the-go. Including 3D movies since they are stereo glasses to begin with.

No need for a remote since your glasses will be connected to the dock of the iphone/ipod. So the remote is already in your hands/pocket. The ability to tap content wirelessly from your Mac or share content with multiple iTV's at the same time will mean more than one person can view the same content at the same time.

I don't think it will be called the iTV. But I could be wrong on that. Apple has just always been so good about thinking outside the box when it comes to new product markets, I don't believe they are just going to join the rest of the crowd in producing expensive flat panel sets for your living room. I think they'll do something different.