What I want to see in a "Smartwatch"

Based on all of the stuff coming out about the Pebble smartwatch, I wanted to just put up a post about how cool a smartwatch could really be, while staying somewhat realistic. The following is a video I stumbled upon with browsing the other day.

This is what I want when I think of a smartwatch. Not limited to a little square screen, but taking advantage of the entire thing. Put a capacitive screen on that bad boy and you'd be cooking with fire!!
It is, after all, supposed to be a SMARTwatch, so when you put that moniker on it you expect it to be a fairly awesome little piece of tech. So what does a watch need for it to truly be a smartwatch.
  • A simple add-on device that you can hook up to detect when someone rings your doorbell would be really cool.
  • Automatic bluetooth syncing with your home phone and cell phone to show you when you have incoming calls and route all of them to a bluetooth headset for simplicity.
  • A simple integrated to-do list monitor (how sick would that be a to-do list that you could cross out right on your wrist)
  • The ability to last at least a day or two no matter how much usage its put through, preferably a week.
  • Inductive charging (set it down on my nightstand at night and have it just start charging, pick it up in the morning and go).
  • Full support for every mobile OS (no man gets left behind, these could be optionally downloaded to save on space).
  • integration for every notification type (show some tidbit for every push notification, SMS, email, etc)
  • customizable interface with simple to use UI creator/editor.
  • simple gesture based back-light toggle for night-time use (like two-finger tap gesture, no crazy stuff)
I think this would be very awesome and is not too unreasonable with the current level of technology that we can crack out. Let me know what you guys think in the comments.