Windows Phone/Windows 8 Application pre-load screens

Is anyone else annoyed by the load screens (with the name of the App on it) prior to the application opening?


You open "People" in Windows 8. The App goes full screen and you stare at the "People" logo for a few seconds before it opens.


You open the official Facebook app on Windows Phone 7.5 and you stare at the "facebook" logo with blue background until the app opens.

My question is, why didn't they just have a transparents symbol of the app in the middle of the screen while the app loads in the background? Or why don't they have an option to turn it off at all?

One thing about WP7 multi-tasking that aggravates me is I can have multiple screens of the same text message open and can "multi-task" in between them. Why doesn't it detect that the same screen has been opened before so I don't have to click the back button through all of them to close?

This sounds like a rant and maybe it is but I'm just wondering if other people are thinking the same thing?