Why I love Verizon's New Data Plan

My initial reaction to Verizon was killing off unlimited data plans, which were being throttled already, was anger and aggravation at their inability to listen to customer feedback. I was so angry that I almost decided not to stay with Verizon, but then they came out with the shared data plan. I was frustrated because every year there is a time where I go just a little over 2 gigabytes and I don't want to pay for the 5 gigabyte plane with just one device, which is the brilliance behind the new Verizon data plan. This is true even for very heavy data users like myself, but I am being throttled whilst on 3G with my Droid Incredible. I know that I will never uses 5 gigabytes of data with just one device, but I do occasionally go over 2 gigs, usually in the dead of winter, and as a result I have always feared going to a capped data plan. It is similar the fear that you will run out of battery in an electric car, which has earned the label "range anxiety", but in my case it was "data anxiety" and I have it pretty badly. I was nervous until I saw the caveat to the death of Unlimited, which was that the 5 gigabyte data plan could be shared with multiple devices.


When I have my Droid Incredible alone using one data plan what ends up happening is my arrival at an impasse, because I can't ever come close to justifying a five gigabyte plan, nor can I justify keeping the two gigabyte because I know that I exceed two gigabytes at least one month a year. I have a Galaxy Tab 10.1 that I don't use often because I don't have a data plan, but I couldn't justify having data because it was just too expensive and I didn't use my Galaxy Tab enough. Others have posted similar articles on this issue, but Verizon doesn't seem to want to charge by the gigabyte. This plan actually seems like a pretty good compromise, all things considered. I would have loved to see the gigabyte plan work out, but you can get pretty darn close with this plan even if it doesn't offer quite as much flexibility.


The frustration that many people have with Verizon's new data plan is based on the fact that it is a more expensive option for them, which isn't fair. It would be ridiculous if you could not share it with devices. This is not to say that Verizon couldn't be doing a better job of giving people a better experience, but it was a better business decision. And business isn't always fair. Sometimes the more profitable option gets chosen, instead of the one that makes the more tech savvy customers happy because that's what shareholders want to see. I am not as angry with Verizon anymore, because they have actually managed to find a solution that makes their customers unhappy for now, but, in the long run, makes their shareholders happy that profits are increasing while providing a much more consolidated Data plan, even if it may not seem to be great on the surface. I wanted so badly to be angry with Verizon about their move to destroy unlimited data, but to be honest it's not all that unreasonable. Yes, it is very frustrating that we don't get unlimited and, yes, it is unfair that we don't get to see what spectrum they might have locked away, but they will never reveal such things because it is not in their interest. Verizon decided to instead make it more reasonable for me to purchase a 5 or 7 gigabyte LTE plan. I don't want to admit it, but I am actually very happy with this move as long as I am not throttled and they keep this ability to share between devices.