Intel is launching a new Metro-styled webzine called iQ that combines staff-written content with news from across the web in an effort to get the company's brand story out to a younger audience. The site uses a combination of filtering algorithms and employee curation to determine what goes on its front page.

iQ is populated with three kinds of tech-focused articles: "iQ Original" pieces that Intel staff and commissioned freelancers have written, "iQ Network" pieces from projects that Intel sponsors — like the Creators Project at Vice, and "via" pieces that are pulled down from elsewhere around the web (like here). iQ’s Editor-in-Chief Bryan Rhoads tells Ad Age that "iQ is not necessarily a destination, but more of an engine and platform to get out into Facebook and Twitter. You don’t have to come to iQ, but you’ll be getting iQ stories in your news feeds and streams." We’re not sure how popular it’s going to be with the target demographic, but it’s an interesting way for a company like Intel to try and leverage social media.