Anyone w/ a windows phone, ever had the browser do this?


via (Samsung Focus S)


via (Lumia 900)

Has anyone ever had this happen when viewing the verge or any other websites using your windows phone? It happens to me quite a bit, at least once a day.

When this happens, basically the browser just crashes, and when you go back to it, the tab that you were viewing that made things get all wonky is closed. All other tabs are unaffected. MSFT support said they were looking into it, but were unable to replicate the behavior after getting my phone model, firmware #, OS# zip code, and carrier...

I don't remember this ever happening on my Focus, but has happened on my soon to be sold Focus S, and on my Lumia 900 as well...all on either. Focus S on 7720 and 8109 and Lumia 900 on 8112.