Reuters has added the weight of its own sources to yesterday's Wall Street Journal report that Apple is ordering up larger displays for its next-generation iPhone. Whereas the WSJ had word of a new display measuring "at least" 4 inches, one of Reuters' insiders states that it will be exactly a 4-inch screen. Otherwise, there's agreement between the two news outlets in terms of the suppliers and timing, with both identifying South Korean and Japanese display makers as getting the orders in from Apple for production to begin in June. Reuters goes on to speculate that Apple may be ready to begin manufacturing the next iPhone in August, provided it adheres to its usual cadence.

Given the typical ramp-up times required to reach sufficient output to satisfy demand, this seems to push the launch time for Apple's next iPhone into September or even later. It seems that Apple may be about to resume its previous rhythm of releasing a new iPhone once annually, having introduced the iPhone 4S to the market in October of last year.