T-Mobile's making it easier for customers to use its growing HSPA+ network for mobile broadband by introducing some new, contract free plans. As of May 20th, T-Mobile will offer four new prepaid mobile broadband plans, starting with a one-week, $15 plan that gets you 300MB of data. There's also three one-month passes — $25 will get you 1.5GB of data, $35 buys 3.5GB, and $50 gets 5GB of data. For the most part, this represents a nice improvement over T-Mobile's prevoius contract-free data plans, which started at a paltry 100MB for $10. $30 previously got you 1GB, while $50 was good for 3GB. T-Mobile didn't release any details on overage charges, though it noted a new "auto-refill" option, hopefully at a reasonable price.

There's virtually nothing to complain about here — the new monthly plans are less expensive and give you more data (and more options). The weekly plan may cost $5 more, but gets you a more usable 300MB of data. These plans are fairly comparable in price and data to AT&T and Verizon's offerings — though you don't have access to a true LTE network if you choose T-Mobile. But if T-Mobile's HSPA+ network meets your tablet, hotspot, or laptop stick needs ad you don't want a contract, your options just got a little more enticing.