The director and screenwriter of sci-fi noir classic Blade Runner are in talks to collaborate on a sequel. Production company Alcon Entertainment has announced that Ridley Scott and Hampton Fancher are developing the idea, which is confirmed to be a new story set "some years after" the original film's conclusion. Alcon hasn't given any more details on the film's plot, characters, or cast, but in an interview with The Daily Beast today Scott confirmed that it would feature a female protagonist.

Fancher hasn't written a movie since 1999's The Minus Man, but this wouldn't be the first time Scott has revisited his directorial past — next month sees the release of Prometheus, a new movie set in the same universe as the Alien franchise and written by this week's On The Verge guest Damon Lindelof. Alcon says that Blade Runner was originally planned as the first in a whole series of films based on Philip K. Dick's Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, but Scott ended up too busy with other projects for a sequel ever to get off the ground. All we hope is that the intervening decades haven't done anything to dull the original movie's inspiration.